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Venkata Ramkiran Chevendra

Masters Student at University of Illinois at Chicago | Graduate Research Assistant at College of Medicine, UIC

I am a second year Computer Science Masters Student at UIC. A coding enthusiast with 3 years work experience in Software development. I am currently working as a graduate research assistant in college of medicine at UIC. I dedicate majority of my time to improving and honing my skills. I am currently working on collaborative search project under Prof. Debaleena Chattopadhyay. Besides coding, I am huge Football(Soccer) fan and a movie buff. Jump into my profile to know more about me :)

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. - Bill Bradley

Work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant

College of Medicine, UIC

Feb 2017 - Present

I am a software developer/data analyst in check project. My duties are primarily to analyze HFS data and generate reports and also to maintain the database. I also develop web pages according to the requirements provided by the evaluation and monitoring manager. Use MySql, Python, PHP, linux extensively in the project

  • Analyze and generate monthly, weekly reports on CHECK HFS data to analyze different population (Enrolled, Engaged & Control) based on their encounter summary, age, risk, and diagnoses. Use python and their packages for data visualization and for generating reports. Use Linux extensively as the reports are saved on a Linux VM
  • Develop web pages based on the requirements from evaluation manager. The web pages interact with the MySQL database to view and modify the data. Use PHP for programming and server-side interaction and use XAMPP to connect to Apache and MySQL
  • Automated monthly report generation process. Used shell scripting to call various python scripts and database stored procedures that takes raw HFS data as the input and generate monthly PMPM reports along with the data visualization graphs and corresponding reports
  • Optimized stored procedures in the monthly report generation process which reduced overall generation time by 30% and documented the entire work flow in WIKI pages

Systems Engineer

Infosys Limited, Chennai, India

Sep 2013 - June 2016

I worked for the client Walmart. I am primarily responsible to develop and maintain human resources webpages. In my 3 years of experience at Infosys, I worked with various technologies such as PeopleSoft, Oracle forms, Oracle Reports, ASP .NET, PHP and various databases such as Oracle, DB2 and MySql

  • Developed websites using ASP .NET with C# in the backend and provided technical support for the client Walmart (Mexico and CAM). Used Ajax for interaction with the server and MSSQL as the database
  • Extensive hands on experience on PeopleSoft, Oracle forms/reports. Developed PeopleSoft Pages for the Human Resources. Generated PeopleSoft reports based on the requirements of the clients and also executed automated scripts for the changes to the Oracle databases. Used python scripting to load the data to database and automated the process using Shell scripting
  • Created various stored procedures and triggers that automatically update data in the various dependent child tables when the users update parent tables via an oracle form. Created Oracle forms and reports for few Walmart retail applications
  • Used git as version control to maintain the new web pages and maintain the developed web pages
  • Documented various developments, enhancements and root cause analyses. Participated in various client meetings for functional requirement elicitation and to discuss on root cause analyses
  • Got appreciation from both client and the company for the work done


University of Illinois at Chicago, IL

Master of Science Aug 2016 - present

Computer Science

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, INDIA

Bachelor of Technology 2008 - 2012

Majors in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering


Collaborative Search Project

Human Computer Interaction Lab (HCI), UIC

Fall 2017 - Present

Working on collaborative search project that help teams to communicate via slack and keep track of group members search results. Developed a slack bot using NodeJS that identifies need of search in a group conversation based on the keywords and suggest results. It works along with google chrome plugin that displays the results of the results of other group members. RESTful with Flask API is being used for authentication and communication among various players involved along with Mongo database to store the results of various participants. Nginx and Gunicorn is being used to keep the RESTful API up and running. POSTMAN is being used to test the RESTful API. Professor Debaleena Chattopadhyay is my advisor for the project. Click here to know about hci lab

hci lab pics

HoloCL - making collaborative learning effective

Human Computer Interaction course

Fall 2017

This project is to understand the collaborative learning methods that are being practiced currently in the smart classrooms and discussions and build a cost-effective system that can be used with minimal resources. The goal of our project is to build a system that improves the quality and effectiveness of collaborative learning in smart classrooms or in group discussions and to bring them closer to as many people as possible by making it affordable. NodeJS is used as server-side language. Materialize CSS is used in UI. Leap motion controller is used for interactions of the 3D models. ThreeJS is used to build the 3D models. Click here to view the project website

hologram pics

Msapriori algorithm implementation & Twitter Sentimental Analysis

Data mining and Text mining course

Spring 2017

Implemented multiple minimum support Apriori Algorithm for various items of market basket analysis. The project was implemented in python. Ran the program on huge datasets. We found the frequent itemsets.

Twitter Sentimental analysis is done on the Obama and Romney tweets of 2012 US presidential elections. Implemented supervised learning algorithms to determine the accuracy, F-score, precision and recall of the test dataset

NiceScrum Web application

Software Engineering Course

Fall 2016

Created a competitive web application to 'Ice Scrum'. We added additional features to the application such as Profiles where the students can upload their resumes, Messages and Chat for the communication with the team, Resources page that serves as quick reference for the students. We got good appreciation for the project from the peers and the professor.

Enrollment data load web page

UIC college of Medicine

Spring 2018

Enrollment data load form was developed at my work place to load the data using a HTML form into MySQL database. Various validations were written for the various fields in the form to avoid invalid data. PHP is used as server-side scripting with HTML and CSS in the front end. MySQL is the database used. The project was developed in the Ubuntu OS and hence LAMPP is used for starting Apache and MySQL services. But it was deployed on the windows machine and hence XAMPP is used to start both the services. As the input data is sensitive PHI information, the web page is only deployed locally and used by monitoring and evaluation manager

Blog with Django

Spring 2018

Created a blog using Django 1.9 and python. This blog contains my latest posts and viewers can have their say in the comments section of each post. It was deployed on Vultr cloud-based service. Nginx and Gunicorn were used to keep the blog up and running on the server. Click here to view my blog

Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel processing projects

Fall 2017

Simple Scalar: Evaluated the performance of the computer processors using the Simple scalar simulator. Linux was extensively used. Various parameters such hit rate and miss rate of caches were determined

Parallel processing: MPI programs were executed on EXTREME cluster of UIC. Various network communication topologies like ring, hypercube, mesh have been studied and implemented. The programs were run with large input sizes on multi processor ecologies such as 8, 16 and 32 respectively. Finding determinant of large square matrix using LU decomposition, matrix multiplication on large order square matrices and travelling salesman problem were implemented. C programming with mpi library was used

Skill Set

Languages, databases & packages

Python3, Java, C, C#, MySQL, NoSQL, SQL, Oracle, sqlite3, JavaScript, JSON, UNIX shell scripting, Linux, PeopleSoft, Python packages for data analytics: pandas, numpy, matplotlib, pyplot, nltk, sklearn

Web development, Server-side scripting & Tools

Django 1.9, RESTful with Flask, NodeJS, ASP .NET, PHP, MySQL workbench, Apache, XAMPP, LAMPP, Postman, Nginx, Gunicorn, Eclipse, Netbeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, Atom, Sublime Text, HTML5, CSS


RESTful Services, Scrum/Agile Methodologies, SDLC, HTTPS, Object oriented design methodology

Operating Systems

Ubuntu 16.04, Windows 10


CITI Group1 and Group2 (Biomedical/Social/Behavioral Research), HIPAA certified